samedi 8 juin 2013

Sweet summer look.

Hello my little foxes !
Yesterday was so sunny in Paris that I didn't know what to wear to go out. For like five months we've had such a bad weather, very cold with snow and rain almost every day, now we just don't believe that the sun is back !
I remembered this cute dress I bought last year, it's very light and perfect for summer with cute apples and it's coral color.

Dress :Kilibbi
Shoes : New look
Necklace : Claire's

Then we went for a pincnic, these recipes are very simple and really good: Toasts with cheese and mustard

Ensalada mexicana

and some strawberries with cream.

Hope you're fine too !
xx Felie.

vendredi 7 juin 2013

Cartoons that were so cool.

I told you in the first post, I love creepy things but I always loved as far as I can remember. I grew up with my twin brother so it was a real war to choose the tv program. After many years, I got tired of fighting and tired of Princess Stella so I started to watch at cartoons my brother was watching.
I still watch these sometimes because I looove cartoons and these were sooo nice, so I thought it would be cool to give you the names of what I watched when I was a child.

The best, my all time favorite, I still love it with all my heart : Beetlejuice ! It inspired all my childhood, Lydia was my model and Beetlejuice the coolest guy ever. (creepy, yes, I told you...)

Creepy crawlers, really cool if you like bugs.

Courage the cowardly dog. When I watched it again last week I thought it was quite violent but I don't remember to have been choked or whatever...

I have something with monsters and ghosts, I wanted so hard to have a Zombunny like Dr Zitbag

The Addams Family, I liked the movies too.

The Tales from the Cryptkeeper, of course.

I also used to watch Godzilla, Men In Black, The Gargoyles and all that kind of cartoons. I'm so happy that since two weeks I can watch Men in black again on tv in France, I feel like a child watching this and it's really great.

And you, tell me, what did you used to like when you were a child ? Do you still watch it now ?
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xx Felie

jeudi 6 juin 2013

Welcome in my little world.

Hello everyone, nice to meet you !

(This is just a little thing I did, I love drawing.)

Welcome to the little world of a little fox.

So, I'm Felie, I'm polish but I live in France since many years, in Paris more precisely where I study litterature and work in photography and fashion.
I love art, beauty and fashion, and foxes ! (I have a fox tattooed on my left leg...) I really like pretty things but I have to admit that I've a weird taste for all that is creepy-cute.

I do this blog with no pretension at all, I'm not a make-up artist, a fashion guru or things like that, I'm just a "normal" girl who loves to share with people.
I'll post about beauty, fashion, trips, things I love, litterature, movies and all that kind of stuff...
I really hope you'll enjoy this blog, don't hesitate to post, I'll be happy to read and answer you.

(And of course, I love drawing foxes...)

xx Felie.